We’re wholly independent — we don’t get paid commissions to sell you certain financial products. This means that any recommendation we make is because we truly believe it to be the best option for you, not because there is anything “extra” in it for the firm. 



Many firms will have you take a “Risk Tolerance” assessment and then deliver a pre-assembled portfolio based on your score. Essentially, you're a number. We’d rather get to know you and the goals you have, and then work out a plan that aligns with your comfort level.




We believe in keeping you involved in your financial progression — not just accepting a check and “taking care of it.” We strive to be an educator on why certain recommendations and decisions are being made — this shared knowledge leads to more successful outcomes.


your best interest always comes first





Life Audit 

We’ll look at your personal finances like a business. What do you own, what do you owe money on, how are you invested, are you maximizing your employee workplace benefits, are your risks covered properly in case of an unexpected loss? We’ll also consider the human, non-business side of finances. What are your goals, priorities, desired outcomes? What is important to you? For a long term plan, the answers to these questions are just as important as quantitative measures like investment returns and mortgages.

Using what we learned from your Life Audit, we'll craft a plan that encompasses the entirety of your financial life, not just your brokerage account. We'll look at big, macro goals — what age you want to retire, how you want to spend that retirement, how you want to take care of your family. Then we'll identify all the ways that you can achieve those goals: savings strategies, debt management, investment opportunities, retirement account optimization, estate creation, etc. Ultimately, we'll combine everything into a plan that is personalized for you and your life. 


Once your Personalized Strategy has been developed, we'll sit down together and go through it in detail. We'll explain the basis for our approach and identify the milestones that will get you to each of your goals. We'll also be transparent about alternative strategies and the pros and cons to each. Finally, we'll agree on the plan for getting started.

As your financial planning partner, we're here to answer your questions anytime via phone or email. We'll also sit down together a few times a year and review where we are on the path toward your goals. If life changes occur — a new child, new job, or the loss of a loved one — we'll also revisit our plan and make sure it still feels aligned.


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